You Are Premier Begins Premier Certification

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Oct. 3, 2016

You Are Premier Begins Premier Certification

For years all manner of businesses, organizations, groups, and people have declared themselves Premier.  This carried little weight with the news media in general, as there has been no central organization to certify that indeed the entity in question was Premier.  Now we’ve fixed that.  
You Are Premier [ ] will issue a certification to qualified Premier organizations, business, bands, people, etc.


Finally, every Premier business can claim to be Premier Certified!


PR professionals can now use that certification as justification to call their client the Premier whatever in the region without being ridiculed as lazy.  Member of the media can rest assured that when someone claims to be Premier, and shows off their certificate from that there’s an award winning story buried somewhere deep within that claim.


New bands can become Premier without ever having played a show, recorded a song, or hired a bass player.  Premier non-profits can use the certificate to claim a slightly less tenuous level of credibility.


“Getting your Premier Certificate can boost sales, increase visitors to your website, improve self-esteem, and cure cancer! (OK, maybe not that last one, but rest assured that when a cure for cancer is found, it will become the Premier Cure for Cancer in the region and we’ll certify it as such.)” said P.U. Smithson of the Premier Authority, who oversees the certification process.  This arduous process involves literally moments of time spent determining if the potentially Premier entity has in fact paid for a certificate, as well as some diligent fact checking and proprietary green processes before a digital certificate can be issued.


Bottom Line: Getting Premier Certified is good you, good for your business and good for the environment!


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P.U. Smithson

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